Privacy Policy

1.Basic Concept

Chishima Foundation for Creative Osaka (hereinafter “Foundation”) gathers user data to an extent required for a smooth operation of services offered on the Foundation’s website (hereinafter (“Website”), such as online information, distribution of information related to the Website, and all sorts of inquiries. All gathered data will be used appropriately within the range of purpose.

2.Scope of Gathered Information

Users wishing to make inquiries via the website’s “Inquiries” page are requested to supply details such as name and email address.
This website uses access analysis software that automatically gathers information on visits to the website.

3.Purpose of Use

Gathered information as specified in paragraph 2 (a/b) is used for reference regarding the Foundation’s operation.
Email addresses obtained by ways described in paragraph 2 (a/b) are used for the distribution of information related to the Foundation.
Voluntarily submitted user data will be used solely for reference regarding the Foundation’s operation.

4.Limitations of Use/Supply

Except for cases when the disclosure of information is required by laws and regulations, cases of unauthorized access, threat or other illegal action, or for any other particular reasons, the Foundation will not use gathered information for purposes other than those specified in paragraph 3, nor provide information to third parties. However it may happen that statistical data related to website access and user attributes are made public.

5.Security Measures

The Foundation takes necessary measures for the prevention of leakage, loss or damage, and for the proper administration of gathered information.

6.Scope of application

The above Privacy Policy applies to the contents of this website only.